10. Scottish Student Trampolining Open (TR),
24. - 26. Februar 1995 in Edinburgh/SCO

Scottish Student Trampolining

A Constitutional Division of the Scottish Trampoline Association

Debbie Adams
156 Fergus Dr (T/L)
G20 6AX
Tel:041-946 6741

Samantha Budd
1 Pitfour St

15 November 1994

Dear Captain/Secretary

Can you believe it? It is ten years on from when some insightful person thought up the idea of a Scottish Student Open. You do not want to miss out on this years competition, our tenth!! And what a weekend we have in store. So "when and where is it?" I hear you cry. Edinburgh is the venue, the 24-26 February 1995 is the weekend and your club is among the privileged invited competitors. A map is enclosed showing the area surrounding the sports centre and the venues for festivities but if more information about how to get there is required contact any one of us.


The enclosed form is to be returned to Debbie by 10 February 1995. Changes can only be made to entries before 9 am on the Saturday of the competition. Entries will not be accepted after this time and registration must also be comleted prior to this. If you need to change the details then feel free to phone before the weekend begins. We're hoping to make the administration smoother this year so please assist by sticking to the above arrangements. Cheques should be made payable to "The Scottish Student Trampoline Division" or SSTD. Please note that teams do not have to consists of those from the same class. It is a form team competition, i.e. tariff not included, so this is why this is possible.


See enclosed sheet about these arrangements. We would advise making bookings as early as possible to avoid disappointment but please do not let accommodation problems prevent you from attending, we will do our best to help out with any such problems. As usual, the hosting University will be providing a snack bar for your convenience to make the weekend a cheaper experience.

Social Events

What can be said about these arrangements? 'Great', 'slippery nipples were a treat', 'alcoholic', 'crazy', 'better than sex' (?**?!) - are all comments that have been used to describe the social side of this weekend. But this year we are not so sure. We have lots planned but we need a second, third, fourth, hundredth opinion on this so you will need to attend to find out for yourselves.

Please note that the competition starts on the Friday evening with warm ups and an evening out in a local pub and ends on the Sunday afternoon with the presentations. Sunday is also the day of the fancy dress syncro competition (fancy dress not compulsory but fun!) and entry for that will happen on the day. As you can see you should come for the whole weekend - you don't want to miss out on anything do you?

We are planning to make the whole weekend a good one. It is a special year for us and we would love it if you and your club could attend to make it more special. Both of us have been persuaded to organise it once more so you should take part again to make it the biggest and best Scottish Student Open yet. Feel free to contact either of us for info, help with arrangements, etc. We'll be glad to help. Hope to see you all in February.

Yours faithfully
Debby Adams & Samantha Budd
SSTD & SUSF Organisers

Scottish Trampoline Open - Routine List

Novice Class

Routine 1 (compulsory):

 1 Back drop
 2 To feet
 3 Tuck jump
 4 Seat drop
 5 1/2 twist to feet
 6 1/2 twist jump
 7 Straddle jump
 8 Front drop
 9 To feet
10 Full twist jump

Routine 2 (compulsory):

 1 Front drop
 2 To feet
 3 Tuck jump
 4 Full twist jump
 5 Pike jump
 6 Seat drop
 7 1/2 twist jump
 8 Straddle jump
 9 Back drop
10 To feet

Intermediate Class

Compulsory Routine:

 1 Back drop
 2 1/2 twist to feet
 3 Straddle jump
 4 Full twist jump
 5 Seat drop
 6 To Front drop
 7 To feet
 8 1/2 twist jump
 9 Tuck jump
10 Front somersault (free)

Voluntary Routine:

Maximum tariff: 2.0

Advanced Class

Compulsory Routine:

 1 Barani (free)
 2 Straddle jump
 3 Back somersault (pike)
 4 Pike jump
 5 Back somersault to seat (tuck)
 6 1/2 twist to seat drop (swivel hips)
 7 1/2 twist to feet
 8 Full twist jump
 9 Tuck jump
10 Front somersault (free)

Voluntary Routine:

Maximum tariff: 3.5

Tariff Class

Compulsory Routine:

ANY routine that has a minimum tariff of 3.5. The routine can be made up of any skills the performer wishes. It should be submitted on paper to the recorder's desk before the tariff round commences.

Voluntary Routine:

"The sky's the limit."


Main Accommodation

Scottish Youth Hostel Association
18 Eglinton Crescent,

Scottish Youth Hostel Association
7 Bruntsfield Crescent,

Cost: 9.80, for a dorm bed and continential breakfast, providing you are a member of the Y.H.A., if you are not a member then the cost goes up an extra 1.50 per night, however you can purchase a temporary Youth Group Leader Membership card which costs 6.00 and will cover all your members for a month!!

The entire Youth Hostels have been reserved for both nights; the 24th February 1995 and 25th February 1995

Eglinton Crescent: 150 beds
Bruntsfield Crescent:140 beds

Please use these hostels as your first choice options especially if you are staying both nights.

This is definately the cheapest accommodation around although over the page I have included some B&B options, but these are more costly.

Please book accommodation BEFORE arriving in Edinburgh but if the worst comes to the worst and you still have nowhere to sleep on the day come and see me: GEORGIE NICHOLSON and armed whith a list of guest houses I will do my best.

Any problems before hand please phone me at 031-662-1349


These beds are only reserved until mid December 1994 at the Bruntsfield Y.H.A. and until mid January at the Eglinton Y.H.A.

Please contact the Y.H.A. before these dates or the beds will go to other groups and please remember to mention the Scottish Student Trampoline Association in all correspondence.

P.S. Don't worry if you don't decide to come until the last minute and have no accommodation organised, just give me a ring or find me at the competition and we'll do our best to sort you out!!

See you in February!!!

Georgie Nicholson

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