11. Scottish Student Trampolining Open (TR),
16. - 18. Februar 1996 in Glasgow/SCO

Scottish Student Trampolining

A Constitutional Division of the Scottish Trampoline Association

George Doughty                   Graeme Thomson
(2FL)                            (2F3)
9 Spottiswoode Road              16 St. Peters Place
Edinburgh                        Edinburgh
EH9 1BH                          EG3 9PH
*0131 447 2092                   *0131 228 3959

5 December 1995

Dear Captain/Secretary,

Just when you'd given up on us we have finally managed to secure a venue for the 11th Scottish Student Open. It will be held at Strathclyde University from the 16th-18th February 1996 and your club is invited. As far as we know the Open has never been held at Strathclyde before so it will be a first for them as well as a first for us.

For any one unfamiliar with the Scottish universities, Strathclyde is right in the centre of Glasgow and so it should be no problem at all to get there whether you are travelling by plane, train or automobile. Being central should also mean that there will be less staggering required after all the social events - how convenient!

Due to the lateness of finding a venue we haven't had time to organise maps for your viewing pleasure. Don't worry maps will be sent out in plenty of time, as will all the information you need to know about accomodation in the area.

An entry form is enclosed but if there are not enough lines for all your bouncers please feel free to write on the back of the form. Entry fees have again defied inflation and remain at the incredibly low price of 3 per individual and 5 per team. Entry fees must accompany the entry forms and the closing date for these forms is 1st February 1996. Cheques are to made payable to "The Scottish Student Trampoline Division" or SSTD and are to be sent to Graeme.

Social events, as always, will be arranged and are sure to exceed anything which has ever gone before.

If you would rather have future information sent to an address other than the one this was sent to, please enclose a contact address with your entry form. We will be in touch very soon. If you have any other queries feel free to write or phone either of us. We look forward to hearing from you and then seeing you in February.

Your faithfully
George Doughty & Graeme Thomson
SSTD & SUSF Organisers.

Scottish Student Open 1996 Competition Routines

Novice Level


 1. Back drop
 2. To Stand
 3. Tuck jump
 4. Seat drop
 5. 1/2 twist to stand
 6. 1/2 twist
 7. Straddle jump
 8. Front drop
 9. To stand
10. Full twist


 1. Front drop
 2. To stand
 3. Tuck jump
 4. Full twist
 5. Pike jump
 6. Seat drop
 7. 1/2 twist to stand
 8. Straddle jump
 9. Back drop
10. To stand
and a voluntary routine with a maximum difficulty of 1.2.

Intermediate Level


 1. Back somersault (T)
 2. Straddle jump
 3. Seat drop
 4. 1/2 twist to seat drop
 5. 1/2 twist to stand
 6. Tuck jump
 7. 1/2 twist to front drop
 8. To stand
 9. Pike jump
10. Full twist


1.  Back drop
2.  1/2 twist to stand
3.  Straddle jump
4.  Full twist
5.  Seat drop
6.  To front drop
7.  To stand
8.  1/2 twist
9.  Tuck jump
10. Front somersault (T)
and a voluntary routine with a maximum difficulty of 2.2.

Advanced Level

Compulsory routine:

 1. Barani (free)
 2. Straddle jump
 3. Back somersault (P)
 4. Pike jump
 5. Back somersault (T) to seat
 6. 1/2 twist to seat
 7. 1/2 twist to stand
 8. Full twist
 9. Tuck jump
10. Front somersault (free)
and a voluntary routine with maximum difficulty of 3.5.

Tariff Level

One compulsory routine and one voluntary routine each with a minimum difficulty of 3.5 - there are no set skills.

Note: For further information you may ask Neal <nswade@music.gla.ac.uk> or Julian <jules@festival.ed.ac.uk>.

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