12. Scottish Student Trampolining Open (TR),
17. - 19. Januar 1997 in Edinburgh/SCO

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Obwohl die Deutschen Hochschulmeisterschaften (DHM) am selben Wochenende sind (echt schade), hoffen wir trotzdem, daß es einige Deutsche Trampoliner schaffen zu unserem Wettkampf zu kommen.

Er wird vom 17 bis 19 Januar in Edinburgh sein. Wir haben schon Schlafplätze in Studentenwohnungen arrangiert, müssen aber wissen wie viele Leute Interesse daran haben.

Für mehr Informationen und eine Beschreibung der Pflichten, schreibt mir bitte oder schaut mal unter: http://www.ed.ac.uk/~eutc/open.html.

Tim Bolt

Scottish Student Trampolining Open 1997

Information Sheet

It is time once again for the Scottish Student Trampolining Open!

This is the biggest Student Trampolining Event of the year, and attracts bouncers from all over the British Ilses and Germany as well.

This year it will be hosted by Edinburgh University and take place on 17-19 January 1997.

Arrive on Friday for the warm-up and pub social. Saturday begins the real bouncing and the evening is dedicated to the Dinner, Cheiledh and Disco.

On Sunday the fun continues with a Fancy Dress Synchro Competition!
Come prepared!

Registration is advisable by the 8 of January, use the EUTC email query/registration form to let us know you are coming or that you want more information.

If you want more information, feel free to contact the student organisers,
Graeme Thomson <elu94154@srv0.law.ed.ac.uk>, at +31 (228) 81 75 or
George Doughty <9455148@lewis.sms.ed.ac.uk>.
Or contact
Tim Bolt <T.Bolt@ed.ac.uk>

Routine List

Novice Class (Level E)

Choice of compulsory routines:
Routine 1 Routine 2
1. Back drop 1. Front drop
2. To feet 2. To feet
3. Tuck jump 3. Tuck jump
4. Seat drop 4. Full twist jump
5. 1/2 twist to feet 5. Pike jump
6. 1/2 twist jump 6. Seat drop
7. Straddle jump 7. 1/2 twist jump
8. Front drop 8. Straddle jump
9. To feet 9. Back drop
10. Full twist jump 10. To feet
Voluntary Routine:
maximum difficulty of 1.2

Intermediate Class (Level D)

Choice of compulsory routines:
Routine 1 Routine 2
1. Back drop 1. Tuck Backsomersault
2. 1/2 twist to feet 2. Straddle Jump
3. Straddle jump 3. Seat Drop
4. Full twist jump 4. 1/2 Twist to Seat Drop
5. Seat drop 5. 1/2 Twist to Stand
6. To Front drop 6. Tuck Jump
7. To feet 7. 1/2 twist to Front Jump
8. 1/2 twist jump 8. To Stand
9. Tuck jump 9. Pike Jump
10. Tuck front somersault 10. Full twist
Voluntary Routine:
maximum difficulty of 2.2

Advanced Class (Level C)

Compulsory Routine:
1. Barani (free)
2. Straddle jump
3. Back somersault (pike)
4. Pike jump
5. Back somersault to seat (tuck)
6. 1/2 twist to seat drop (swivel hips)
7. 1/2 twist to feet
8. Full twist jump
9. Tuck jump
10. Front somersault (free)
Voluntary Routine:
maximum difficulty of 3.5

Tariff Class

Compulsory Routine:
A routine that has a minimum tariff of 3.4 which can be made up of any skills the performer wishes.
It should be submitted on paper to the recorder's desk before the tariff round commences.
Voluntary Routine:
"The sky's the limit."

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