International German University Championships 2002 Trampoline

Travel Informations

By airplane

Braunschweig is about 350 km from Frankfurt. There is a good train connection, but it is expensive. The price for the first person is about 130 Euro (Frankfurt - Braunschweig - Frankfurt). Every further person pays about the half. But ask for the actual conditions and prices!

We suggest that you ask for a flight connection to Hannover airport (HAJ) which ist about 70 km from Braunschweig. The train ticket to Braunschweig is only about 20 Euro (go and return), but we will try to pick you up personally by minibus at hannover airport.

Also Hamburg (220 km) and Berlin (240 km) are airports closer than Frankfurt with good train connections.

From friday to sunday everybody may sleep in the gym (with your own sleeping bags). Whenever your team can schedule a longer stay in Braunschweig, we would try to arrange private housing with students from our trampoline group.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any more questions!

Martin Kraft (Discipline Manager):, Phone: +49(0) 531 331227 or
Christian Werner-Westphal (Organising committee):, Phone: +49(0) 531 2336761.

© Martin Kraft, 2001